6 Indications You Need to Buy New Wiper Blades

For you to drive safely, having clear visibility out of your front windshield is very important. The wipers of your windshield serve an important role to keep you safe, especially during snowstorms or rain. If you feel that your blades are not working properly, then it’s time to buy a new windshield wiper. Learn the 6 indications that would tell that you must replace your windshield wipers to a new one. 

Rubber issues 

Look at your windshield wipers closely. Is the rubber still smooth or is it already broken off in places, split, or cracked? If you observe any defects in the rubber, it could indicate that you should buy a replacement for it. Also, the blade might get a rounded appearance, meaning it has gotten too old and it is time for new wiper blades.  

Windshield film or streaks 

Your wipers make streaks on your windshield, which could be quite obvious, especially when you are caught in rain or snow. However, if you see a consistent grime film on your windshield, even after you have squirted the fluid to wash it off, that could be another indication that your wipers are untidy and should be replaced. There are instances when wiping the blades using a paper towel would solve this issue. However, if it keeps on occurring, you already know what to do next. 

Bent Frames 

The metal part of your wipers could be damaged or bent for all types of reasons. An example of this is when you hack the ice off of your windshield during winter. It’s also possible in some car washes. Even as you wipe the wiper blade, rough handling could bend them. Once the blade or frame is bent, it will not properly touch with your windshield. Even if the blades look like they function well in the meantime, they will not be soon enough. That’s the time to remove and replace them. 

Chattering Sounds 

I believe you are aware of the squeaky noise that your wipers make once they drag through the glass. That is one of the signs that they have to go. That noise is not only annoying, but it commonly indicates that the wipers are not cleaning your windshield the manner they are supposed to be since they are just in contact with the glass at some point. The erratic job left behind could cause problems with your vision while you are on the road.  

Changes in season 

You need to buy new wipers before winter begins even if your current blades are working well. Choose those wipers that are specifically made for the winter season. The snow and ice during winter would damage regular wiper blades a lot faster compared to those made to endure frozen windshields and cold temperatures. 

Your windshield wipers are important as you drive safely since they either inhibit or improve visibility. They are one of the simplest parts of a car to maintain. The manual of your owner would tell you the type and length of wipers that will suit your car best.  

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